What our successful council candidates have to say

The 11 new councillors elected to MidCoast Council will take the oath of office at a ceremony at the Taree council chambers on Wednesday, September 27.

The NSW Electoral Commission has announced the successful candidates. They are: David Keegan, Jan McWilliams, Brad Christensen, Len Roberts, Peter Epov, Troy Fowler, Kathryn Bell, Claire Pontin, David West, Katheryn Smith and Karen Hutchinson.

Election of the mayor will be the first item of business when council holds its inaugural meeting on Wednesday, September 27 at the Taree headquarters.

DAVID WEST: The community needs confidence in MidCoast Council and elected councillor David West believes there are two things “critical” to its evolution. Click on David’s photograph to read the full story.

BRAD CHRISTENSEN: He believes roads and bridges remain the biggest issue for the new council, as was the case with the former Greater Taree City Council. Click on Brad’s photograph to read the full story.

PETER EPOV: Championing the cause of a Very Fast Train from Melbourne to Sydney is one of the big ticket items newly elected MidCoast councillor Peter Epov wants to push. Click on Peter’s photograph to read the full story.

JAN MCWILLIAMS: With more than two decades experience in local government, Cr McWilliams is looking forward to the challenges of working with a new council. Click on Jan’s photograph to read the full story.

KATHERYN SMITH: Katheryn said she was “over the moon” about getting elected. But now it’s down to business, with not much time to waste on celebrating. Click on Katheryn’s photograph to read the full story.

CLAIRE PONTIN: She acknowledges it will be a steep learning curve and one she is looking forward to. “I’m a quick learner and I’ve been doing lots of reading already. I’ve also sat in on council meetings previously.” Click on Claire’s photo to read the full story.

TROY FOWLER: At 42 years of age, Troy Fowler is one of the younger councillors. He is happy with the mix of people elected and sees team work as imperative. Click on Troy’s photo to read the full story.

DAVID KEEGAN: “We owe it to the voters to work together to maximise the return on their investment, which is their rates. The only way we can be successful is to work together with the whole region.” Dr Keegan’s Country Labor Group J topped the voting tally in the September 9 election. Click on David’s photo to read the full story.

KATHRYN BELL: Kathryn says while there are others with experience joining her on the council, she is pleased to see the “new blood” of first-time councillors in the mix. Click on Kathryn’s photo to read the full story.

KAREN HUTCHINSON: “Let’s drill down to the real facts and get some real outcomes for the community. They need an assurance they will get stability, and that is what is going to happen.” Click on Karen’s photograph to read the full story.

LEN ROBERTS: The immediate challenge to be faced by the council will be to ensure a teamwork mentality is taken says former Great Lakes deputy mayor, Len Roberts said. Click on Len’s photograph to read the full story.