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A beginner's guide to Australian Powerball

A beginner's guide to Australian Powerball
A beginner's guide to Australian Powerball

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There have been some of the biggest jackpot prize payouts in Australia's history with Powerball.

It would be wonderful to win Division 1 and be able to play by your own rules. In this game, players with long experience have studied and generated patterns while developing strategies accordingly.

However, there's much to learn for amateur players. You can feel an intoxicating thrill when you win. However, you can't avoid wondering: are things as simple as they seem?

Each Thursday night, Powerball is drawn at random from two barrels. A total of seven numbers will be taken from the main barrel that contains numbers 1 to 35, and another number will be drawn from the Powerball barrel, which includes numbers 1 to 20.

How to play Australian Powerball?

According to Australian Powerball statistics, the largest jackpot has been $150 million since September 19, 2019.

When there are so many different Powerball options, it can be hard to grasp how the game works. To help you understand how to play Powerball online easily here's an easy guide for you.

  • Create an online Powerball account

Getting started is as simple as creating an account with an accredited online lottery retailer. Most of their online registration process takes less than a minute to complete. You can head over to their create-an-account page to start your chances of winning!

  • Choose your Powerball ticket type

If you can read about each Powerball ticket option, you'll have no problem selecting yours. A tough decision has to be made. Below are options you can choose from:

  • Standard ticket

Seven main numbers and one Powerball number comprise a Powerball standard game. You'll have one winning chance in every game. With the support of QuickPick (a computerised system randomly picking numbers for you), you may pick random numbers, or you may choose your own.

  • PowerHit ticket

You're guaranteed the Powerball number every time you buy a PowerHit ticket. Either pick seven numbers by yourself or through QuickPick, and you'll receive the Powerball accordingly. Since PowerHit tickets have a higher chance of winning, they cost more than other ticket types.

  • Syndicate ticket

It's common for syndicates to split the cost of a hefty ticket among players. Each syndicate share receives equal prize money if the syndicate wins.

A syndicate allows you to increase your potential payout by purchasing multiple shares. However, your winnings will be split among nine people. But it's not so bad, considering that you've invested only a small amount, right?

  • System ticket

In addition to the standard entry, you can play more numbers with a Powerball System ticket. This system allows you to select any seven numbers from 8-20 (depending on ticket size). You also have a higher chance of winning when you purchase a Powerball System ticket!

  • Consider advance entries

After you choose your entry type, you'll have the option of selecting the number of draws you wish to participate in. Some lottery retailers offer different entry-type options if you don't have time to buy a ticket in person or online. Avoid delays when you can avail these convenient settings.

A beginner's guide to Australian Powerball
A beginner's guide to Australian Powerball

Here are different types of entry:

  • Advance entry: An advance entry lets you enter your favorite game into a future drawing up to 10 weeks in advance.
  • Multi-week entry: Playing a multi-week entry lets you enter into several draws at the same time. Powerball draws can be played up to 10 times consecutively.
  • Subscription: A Subscription entry assures you won't miss any draws and will automatically enter you into every draw or at a certain Powerball jackpot level.
  • Check the results

As soon as you have purchased and registered your Powerball ticket, you simply have to wait for the results. On the night of the draw, you can watch the draw live on channel 7TWO between 8:45 pm and 9:45 pm AEST, or check your email. Whether you win or lose, check your inbox for the results.

  • Verify your identity

Identity verification isn't only a necessary step but also required by Australian law. As soon as you're verified, you'll then be qualified to withdraw your winnings if you win. To protect customers from fraud, this law was enacted.

You can do this verification procedure easily by using an app or visiting their website. Follow the simple steps to verify your account on your account page.

How to win

How would you spend an AUS$100 million Powerball Jackpot?

Before answering this question, though, the better question to ask is, how can you win? All seven main numbers and the Powerball must be matched for the jackpot to be won. It's also possible to win if two numbers and the Powerball match.

Claiming prizes

You can claim Powerball prizes during store hours from authorized shops or news agencies, but if your prize is more extensive, you may need to contact the lottery operator or visit the head office. There's a difference in the processing in each jurisdiction, and each has a different time limit for claiming prizes.


You can play Australian Powerball online in a safe, fast, and straightforward manner. The secret is to choose a fully accredited Australian lottery retailer that guarantees the legality and legitimacy of your Powerball ticket.

By using this beginner's guide, you can now confidently start your Powerball journey. And who knows? You might just be the next winner of the ultimate jackpot!