Club Taree Community Concert Band celebrates 20 years with a concert

Club Taree Community Concert Band celebrate 20 years.
Club Taree Community Concert Band celebrate 20 years.

The Club Taree Community Concert Band will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a special concert at the Salvation Army Citadel on Manning Street, on October 20.

The concert will feature 24 musical treats of all styles a genres; a reflection of the diversity within the band’s membership.

“We are a very family centered group, with members of all ages and walks of life,” publicity officer, Terry Stanton explained.

“Our band master, Floyd Goodwin is in his early 20s, and our youngest member is 16 so we have developed a broad repertoire.”

The concert, scheduled to start at 2pm, will feature music from Aladin and Beauty and the Beast, Glen Miller, and pieces from Mamma Mia and Pirates of the Caribbean.

“We will also do some classical music, Star Wars music, a 1950s piece called At The Hop and Bohemian Rhapsody,” Terry continued.

“The concert is free, but we hope people who come might make a gold coin donation to the Salvation Army to thank them for their kindness letting us use the venue.

​“I for one greatly admire all the marvelous social work they do. Two years ago they bought a whole lot of instruments, and they have been teaching local kids to play. Those kids will join us in this concert, which is very exciting.”

The 22 member group has grown and changed over the course of its 20 years,  but has always remained a family affair, with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

“When I joined in 2006, the man who started the band, Keith Staines, had passed the band master position on to his wife, Wendy.

“When she retired, her daughter Amanda took over, and then her grandfather after her, it’s got a very special history.

“Even now, we have members who have joined because their children were a part of the group, and children who have followed their parents in too.”

The band is always ready to welcome new members, with instruments available to borrow, and old hands ready to teach.

“There is always room for people to get involved,” Terry said.

“Age is irrelevant. Our youngest member is 16 and our trombonist, Paul is almost 90.”

For more information about joining the band, call secretary, Terry Green on 6552 1584 or Terry Stanton on 6553 1360.

“We welcome everyone to come along to the concert, enjoy some music and celebrate with us,” Terry added.

“It’s going to be a very special community event.”