Taree's answer to a Day in the Country

Inspired. This correspondent has been truly inspired.

This doesn’t happen too often. In fact the last time may have been when Zebras under 16s won the Taree and District Junior Rugby League premiership in slashing style by defeating Chatham Cundle in an epic grand final. And that was back in 1976, so it has been a while.

Be that as it may, consider us now inspired, a point we’re possibly labouring a bit here.

The source of this inspiration was the morning we spent recently at the Killabakh Day in the Country. We’d never previously been to Killabakh for it is always been a strict policy not to frequent places where there’s no hostelry. However, we were coerced into making the trip into the Manning’s hinterland to mix it with the great and the good. 

Now, as the saying goes, imitation is sincerest form of flattery, so we’re now in the process of organising what we trust will become one of the major events on the Barrington Coast calendar. We would imagine Killabakh is part of the Barrington Coast, despite the fact it’s about 40km to the nearest beach, but we won’t dwell on that.

So, at a date to be determined in 2019, crowds will be able to flock to the very first Day in Struggle Street (DISS).

Yes, Struggle Street will be awash with the unwashed. It’ll be a day of cultural diversity (actually we’re not too sure what that means, but we shall find out before the inaugural DISS).

We’ll have stall holders there selling all sorts of goods, particularly soap, although we’re not so sure how popular soap will be at Struggle Street. We’ll have a dog show and an art exhibition. Perhaps we’ll combine the two – an exhibition of paintings of dogs. There’ll be raffles aplenty and some of them might even have prizes. Entertainment will be provided by a couple of buskers we’ll round up from Manning Street. There will be t-shirts for sale.  

We’ll encourage those from up Killabakh way to sell some of the exotic produce their grow. Why, they can even put some of the produce in cookies if they desire.

When we firm on a date for the extravaganza we’ll promote it heavily in the pages of this newspaper, The Extra and the Wingham Chronicle. This will ensure we get adequate coverage on the local television news a couple of days (or weeks) later.

There’ll be all manner of VIPs, sporting stars and celebrities there for we’re sure for A Day in Struggle Street will be THE place to be seen. We’re still deciding who will perform the official opening, although one of the Kardashians is firming.

There’ll be maps of the area and entry will be by gold coin donation. All proceeds will go to the Make Struggle Street Great Again Committee (MSSGAC) and the newly formed Where Is Barrington Coast Group (WTFIBCG).