Wet weather warning as rain continues to fall across the region

“If it's flooded, forget it,” is the key message from the State Emergency Services (SES) this morning as steady rainfall continues across the region.

SES acting controller for Forster and Pacific Palms, William Dodd said it couldn’t be more important for the community to be responsible and keep safe over the rest of today (Friday 23), with the stormy weather expected to continue.

“Residents should make sure to slow down when driving on wet roads, there are a number of areas in the region where roads are covered in water, and if a road is closed due to flooding, it’s not worth the risk,” he said.

Council has warned that some services in the Great Lakes region have been impacted by the rain.

“The Forster Visitor Information Centre has closed due to water covering the road access to the building,” a spokesperson said.

“Water is also entering the building at present.

“MidCoast Council also advises that the Forster Library is closed this morning as heavy rain has caused a leak with water entering the Library.

“Council's trades team is currently working on isolating the leak and preventing further water entry to the building.

“The library will also be closed tomorrow, Saturday 24.

“MidCoast Council is asking everyone to drive safely in the current heavy rain affecting roads in the region. 

“Do not drive through water if the road is flooded.

“Slow down, drive to the conditions, and observe all road warning signs.

“Check for road closures at www.midnorthcoast.myroadinfo.com.au.”