Letter: Drugged up drivers

Working as a front line general practitioner in Taree, I believe from my direct experience we should all be driving huge RVs or perhaps the tank parked at Club Forster as I am petrified at the number of  people who freely admit the use of illicit drugs on a regular basis and drive.

Many do not associate their use with the loss of skills. We saw the result of this and alcohol just recently.

So many of these people are on the Disability Support Pension (DSP), i.e. we fund their habit.

There would be easily close to millions in Australia on illicit drugs. 

My staff are constantly abused by (ex-) patients on drugs demanding DSP paperwork or Centrelink forms.

I have young patients boasting they spent $1500 on their drugs weekly. Note: Unemployed.

It is recorded that 30 per cent of accidents are illicit drug-related let alone the alcohol and tiredness factors and mobile phone use.

Perhaps the speed limit should be dropped to 10 kilometres per hour until society can clear the drug-drivers off the road.

The tax paying workers of Australia yet again are being sucked dry by the underemployed illicit drug traders with no tax or GST paid like the rest of us have to.

Dr Allan Johnson