Taree Days for Girls raises funds for hygiene kits

The Taree Days for Girls  (DfGs) group held their fundraiser luncheon last Saturday, February 3 at the Manning Regional Gallery.

A full verandah raised in excess of $4000, opening with a wonderful half hour's entertainment from 'The Bells of Haven', followed by guest speaker, Rotarian Lucy Hobgood-Brown telling of her regular visits to the Democratic Republic of Congo distributing DfG's kits, even down to having to demonstrate how to put knickers on – this brought the house down. 

In all seriousness, these washable feminine hygiene kits are responsible for keeping young ladies at school in the developing world to receive a full education and even hopefully a career. 

When they don't attend school because of menstruation (they have no money to buy commercial products) they are often married off, as early as 10 years of age.

There are now well over 100 DfGs groups in Australia now, thanks to the passion of former Moorland lady, Gloria Buttsworth, now the Australian CEO of DfGs, who worked in Uganda many years ago, sighting this problem. 

Finding DfGs has been a blessing all round for Australian ladies to be involved with making these kits and to Gloria's now huge network of DfGs chapters that started only in 2012.

If anyone would like to be involved locally, they meet monthly at the Coopernook School of Arts Hall. Please contact local leaders Katie Nolan on 0413 974 505 or Colleen Weller on 6552 1742.