Club Taree Fishing Club holds awards night

Ben Cooper was named Taree Fishing Club bluewater champion.

Ben Cooper was named Taree Fishing Club bluewater champion.

The Club Taree Fishing Club held their annual awards night on December 2 to recognise the efforts of members this year. 

During the evening various awards were presented to both the winners and runners up of the blue water and beach and rock and estuary divisions which were fished over a period of nine outings during Autumn, Winter & Spring of 2017.

Great prizes and a number of perpetual trophies were awarded to the participating fishing club members for the following:

Club Champions for 2017:

Beach, rock and estuary- Eli Nash with 1054.36 points. 

Blue water- Ben Cooper with 439.16 points.

Runner-up beach, rock and estuary- Josh Foot with 866.98 points.

Runner-up blue water- Mark Sadler with 381.96 points.

Best Boat- Blue Water (Team Award)

Best beach, rock and estuary team- Eli Nash and Josh Foot

Best bag on outing (beach, rock and estuary) Mal Neale with 36.58 kilograms

Best bag on outing (blue water)- Ben Cooper with 14.3 kilograms.

Champion fish of the year (beach, rock and estuary)- Alex Neale with a mulloway at 18.3 kilograms

Champion fish of the year (blue water)-Troy Loretan with a Spanish mackeral at 15.77 kilograms.

Heaviest snapper on outing (Lester McCaffrey Shield)- Mark Sadler with a snapper at 2.04 kilograms.

Heaviest five snapper on outing (Greg McCarthy Shield)- Mark Sadler with 6.72 kilograms.

Heaviest bream on outing (Doug Loretan Memorial Trophy)- Josh Foot with one kilogram bream.

Best five bream on outing (Doug Loretan Memorial Trophy)-  a tie between Bill Martin and Josh Foot both with 3.26 kilograms of bream.

New club records went to Eli Nash with a mullet at two kilograms, Mark Sadler with a flathead at 1.46 kilograms and Owen Bedford with a goatfish at 640 grams.

The club would like to extend its warmest invitation to anyone who might be interested in joining for the 2018 competition and social events.

The fishing club offers a family friendly environment where members can chose to become involved in either a casual or competitive style of fishing once a month where your enjoyment of fishing is the most important criteria.

Club Taree Fishing Club would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and all the best for a happy and safe new year.

Should you have any questions with regard to becoming a member of the Fishing Club, please call Mal Neale at Club Taree on (02) 65394000.