Hallidays Point Public School awards 2017

Dux of the School: Max Hillyer

Dux of the School: Max Hillyer

Hallidays Point Public School’s presentation day assembly and Year 6 farewell were again highlight end-of-year celebrations, relieving principal Fiona Lewis said.

“Many thanks to the teachers, administration staff, sponsors and volunteers who made these events such special occasions for our students and the wider school community.

“Particular congratulations go to our highly commended infants’ singers, all award winners and our exceptional graduating Year 6 student group.”


Sports person of the year: Brianna Panos

Winning houses, perpetual shields presented to house captains

Swimming: Emerald        

Athletics: Ruby         

Cross Country: Sapphire

Science Awards: Oliver Castle, Cassius Hourn, Jack Eschbach, Thomas Stenning, Reuben Mobbs, Laila Dangel, Charley Parkinson, Hamish Wilson

Environmental Awards: Kynan Rosewarn, Dylan Green, Lakiesha Smith, Ebony Besant, Izaac Boag, Jesse Nelson-Hauer.                                                   

Christina Bullen Literacy Award: Selina Apolony 

Numeracy Award: Ned Bush

Citizenship: Charley Parkinson

Doctor Dorothy Greening Memorial Scholarship - Awarded by the Lions Club of Hallidays Point: Ned Bush

Dux of the School: Max Hillyer


K/1M and KB: Book awards for all kindergarten students. 

K/1M 1M certificates of achievement: Bhodi Safe, Most Improved Worker; Bianka Quinn, Outstanding Effort in Literacy; Will McDermott – Outstanding Effort in Mathematics. 

1H certificates of achievement: Rachael Rebbeck, academic achievement; Orlando Haddon, conscientious Effort in Class; Shiloh Herzberg Nicholls, Outstanding Effort in all Key Learning Areas; Chloe Jeffers, Class Citizenship; Benjamin Gillett, Most Consistent Worker, Curtis Jeffers, Most Improved Worker. 

2P certificates of achievement: Georgie Reynolds, Conscientious Effort in Class; Chase Hopkins, Encouragement Award for Effort and Improvement;  Ace Moylan, Most Improved Worker; Luis Worth, Class Citizenship; Bronte Kippax, Most Consistent Worker; Charlie Maligin, Academic Achievement. 

2/3B Year 2 certificates of achievement: Emily Castle, Conscientious Effort in Class; Sienna Bell, Outstanding Effort in English; Lucas Stenning, Improvement in all Key Learning Areas.

2/3B Year 3 certificates of achievement: Taia Shedden, Academic Achievement in Mathematics; Harrison Tancred, Outstanding Effort in Bookwork; Millie Cronk, Class Citizenship.

3P certificates of achievement: Milla Giffin, Outstanding Effort in English; Zack Richardson, Outstanding Effort in Mathematics; Renae Croft, Class Citizenship; Ashlyn Johnson, Academic Achievement; Mitchell Wolfenden, Most Consistent Worker; Oliver Castle, Academic Endeavour.

4V certificates of achievement: Charlie Keyte, Academic Achievement - English; Stevie Burston, Academic Achievement - English; Katie Rebbeck, Outstanding Achievement in Writing and Public Speaking; Cassius Hourn, Academic Achievement – Mathematics; Lilyanne Small, Academic Achievement – Mathematics; Jordan Bendeich, Most Improved Worker.

4/5E Year 4: certificates of achievement: River Colliar, Outstanding Effort across all Key Learning Areas; Phoebe Hinchliffe, Outstanding Effort in English; Thomas Stenning, Academic Achievement.

4/5E Year 5: Jack Eschbach, Academic Achievement; Lily Moylan, Most Consistent Worker; Blake Richardson, Most Improved Worker. 

5/6C Year 5 certificates of achievement: Ziggy Pickering, Academic Achievement; Lachlan Castle, Most Consistent Worker; Bianca Dixon, Most Improved Worker.

5/6C Year 6: Dylan Green, Conscientious Effort in Class; Boston Ford, Outstanding Effort in Mathematics; Emily Cougle, Class Citizenship. 

5/6S Year 5 certificates of achievement: Cohen Watt,  Academic Achievement; Charli Cain-Ashford, Class Citizenship. 

Year 6 certificates of achievement: Oni Crowley, Most Consistent Worker; Zaynab El Mohamad, Most Improved Application; Indeanna Lane-McNally, Academic Achievement; Hamish Wilson, Academic Achievement.

Choir Awards for outstanding commitment and effort in choir: Jasie Brown, Dylan Green, Lachlan Small, Selina Apolony, Renee Coleman, Oni Crowley, Zaynab El Mohamad, Riley Giffin, Ruby Hopkins, Thomas Knights, Amy Miller. 

Recorder Awards for outstanding commitment and effort in recorders: Jasie Brown, Selina Apolony, Riley Giffin.

Music Awards for effort and participation in music: K/1M Jahzara Newman; 1H Summer Harrison; 2P Ebony Besant; 2/3B Taia Shedden; 3P Lily Voorby; 4V Lily Crook; 4/5E Riley Coleman; 5/6C Jasie Brown; 5/6S Selina Apolony.

Library certificates for being responsible library users: KB Carter Cox; K/1M Ava Williams; 1H Kieran Brown; 2P Solomon Hiley; 2/3B Lily Gillett; 3P Charlie Maxwell; 4V Yasmin Smith; 4/5E Ellenor Croft; 5/6C Jett Johnson; 5/6S Ruby Hopkins.