Chatham High School held a colour run and other activities to celebrate Griffin Fest

Chatham High School was a hive of activity on Tuesday, December 5 for the third annual Griffin Fest.

Students were treated to a slip ‘n’ side, baseball, a “Ninja Warrior” course, bubble soccer and the highly anticipated colour run. 

Chatham High School student support officer Nathan Paff said the day gave the students the opportunity to reflect on the school year, while highlighting the importance of maintaining positive well-being.

“It’s a celebration of our year and it came from our positive well-being and mental heath program that we run at the school,” Nathan said. 

“We started it off to raise some money to purchase manuals to put our year 10 students through an accredited teen mental health first aid program but it grew into something that allows us to do positive well-being within the school by showing young people the activities that we can pull together to enjoy each other’s company, to co-operate and do things that are a bit outside of our comfort zone.”

Screen printed shirts were also created to commemorate the day. 

Chatham High School principal Daryl Irvine said Griffin Fest leaves students with lasting memories.

“Kids are able to relax in an atmosphere that is protective and safe and has adult influence around it.

“It’s positive and lets them let their hair down which is immeasurable.

“The impact will be felt for a long time at school and helps carry us through to the end of the year,” Daryl said. 

2016-2017 school captain Ben Williams added that despite finishing his time with Chatham High School, the opportunity to be a part of one last Griffin Fest was too good to refuse. 

“Even though I graduated this year, I still came back to see everybody and have a good time,” Ben said.

“The importance of the day is that they can be who they are and have the most fun as they can.”