Old Bar community news

Rotary fencing and footpath work at rear of Old Bar Public School.
Rotary fencing and footpath work at rear of Old Bar Public School.

The Rotary Club of Forster Old Bar Beach is enjoying a good year with the major project of constructing the beach walkway from opposite Flow Bar across the back of Old Bar Public School well underway.

Further work is to be done with the Old Bar Men's Shed constructing an entry archway to the walk.

At the recent annual general meeting of the Rotary Club of Forster Old Bar Beach, Laurie Easter was nominated as president to guide the club through 2018 - 2019.

He will be supported by Barry Levick as secretary and Jim Weir will continue as treasurer.

Long standing secretary, Howard Kerrsmith will be standing down to continue as honorary secretary of the Old Bar Beach RSL Sub-branch and has recently taken on the job of volunteer co-coordinator of the Manning Valley Prostate Cancer Support Group.

Beach protection marking time

  • Sand scraping - no progress, waiting on state government.
  • Racecourse Creek study - no real progress, waiting on State government.
  • Farquhar Inlet – still blocked, but mangroves are growing well.
  • Pacific Parade - foredune and endangered littoral rainforest being eaten away with each rainfall.

Old Bar Beach Sand Replenishment Group met with MidCoast Council on November 14. MidCoast Council's project manager, planning and natural system sAndrew Staniland  advised regarding sand scraping that council submitted a full Review of Environmental Factors (REF) and request for licence to undertake the sand scraping on the October 11.

Following feedback from Crown Lands, council submitted additional information on November 15. Council is awaiting a licence.

Once the licence application is received, council will have to make a determination on undertaking the sand scraping works prior to the end of the calendar year.

There are a run of high tides predicted for the start of December. This may not allow council the physical space on the beach to undertake the sand scraping works. 

Regarding the Old Bar Manning Point Coastal Management Plan, preparation of this study is dependent in part on the completion of the Racecourse Creek stormwater management study.

The Old Bar Beach Sand Replenishment Group is doing its utmost to achieve protection of Old Bar Beach. It needs the support and encouragement of more people in the community.

If anyone wishes to join their working committee, or contribute ideas, please contact President, Elaine Pearce on casablanca11@bigpond.com or 6553 3404 or 0407 229 145.

The group will be back into fundraising in 2018 with their first Bunnings Barbecue on January 27.

Photography competition for Old Bar and surrounds

Here's an opportunity to make your impression on the cover of the new tourist book​let to be printed that will replace the 2015 Map of Old Bar and Surrounds​.

The Old Bar and Manning Point Business and Community Association (OBMP BCA) is looking for photos of Old Bar and surrounds and they need to be about people, places and things, such as scenic shots, people in places, environment and events.

The competition is open to everyone. You will need to supply high resolution photos (we recommend portrait shots - but landscape may be considered) and a maximum three entries per person.

Photos will be printed and display​ed on the OBMP BCA website (coming soon).

The winning photo will used for the front cover of the new booklet and the photographer will be credited.

Send your entries to info@obmp.com.au

The competition closes on December 21, 2017 and winner will be notified via email December 30.

Winners will be published by Facebook and various media.

Children's entries require an adult’s permission to enter.

This book will replace the previous map and will be a great resource of information for locals and new comers to our area. Maps will still feature throughout the book.

Any funds raised from this project will be distributed back into our community.

Watch out for these seven Christmas internet scams

Every year, as Christmas draws near, cybercriminals tend to ramp up their activities.

They trundle out the same tried and tested tactics that they use all year but trick them up with Christmas and holiday themes to draw in more victims.

And, they capitalise on the fact that, during the holiday season, people are buying more products online, searching for more gifts, and may be spending more time on their computers.

Here are seven common scams to watch out for this holiday season:

1. Package delivery malware emails: Criminals regularly send out bogus “failed package delivery” notifications as a means of distributing malware. 

2. Gift card survey scams: Via these pages, they will offer you the chance to win Christmas gift cards and vouchers.

3. Charity phishing scams: Carefully vet messages asking you to donate to Christmas or holiday appeals.

4. Christmas reward phishing scams: Another Christmas themed criminal tactic is to send out emails claiming to be from well-known banks or companies that offer “customer rewards” such as cash bonuses or vouchers as part of a Christmas promotion.

5. Fake shopping websites: Criminals also capitalise on the holiday shopping frenzy by tricking people into “buying” items on fake retail websites. They launch spam campaigns that offer seemingly unbeatable ‘Christmas deals’.

6. Advance fee scams: They may claim in their scam messages that you have won a substantial cash prize in a “Christmas rewards program” organised by a high-profile company such as Google or Microsoft.

7. eCard malware: Holiday eCards can be a fun way to send holiday greetings to your friends and family. But, crooks often use fake eCard notifications to trick people into visiting sites that contain malware.

If you’re unsure about the legitimacy of something online like a store, classified listing or email you receive, do you own research as others who have been stung by scammers will often post warnings for others.