A cyclist on the Lakes Way had a glass bottle thrown at him from a car window

Forster triathlete Jarryd Tinson was lucky to escape injury when a passenger in a passing car threw a glass bottle at him while he was on a training ride on the Lakes Way recently.

The green P-plated car passed him on the Lakes Way between Great Lakes Sailing Club and Tiona.

Jarryd was riding on his own, and said he was outside the white line on the side of the road, but as the car went past, a glass beer bottle was thrown at him from the passenger’s seat.

Jarryd was quick enough to get on the brakes to be able to dodge the bottle but was astonished that the incident happened at all. 

"I fully understand the frustration most people have with cyclists on the road,” Jarryd said.

Call us lycra-wearing so and so's and beep at us if you really think you need to, but please help us to get home safely

Dave Fitzhardinge

“I train solo and I don't mind copping a beep or a bit of verbal, but today I had a glass bottle thrown at me while doing what I do solo on the Lakes Way.

“At the time I was on the only bit of road that has the guardrail along the side so I didn't have very much room to dodge the bottle either.”

Forster Triathlon Club president Dave Fitzhardinge echoed Jarryd's sentiment, saying there is no excuse for this behaviour. 

“Jarryd is a husband, dad, son, brother, friend and a damn good triathlete,” he said.

“This incident isn't even about the safe passing distance but some teenagers taking someone else's life into their own hands and making a joke of it.

“We understand that it might add a few seconds to your trip to slow down a bit for cyclists on the roads around here, but we are all just trying to make it home safely to our families while enjoying our chosen sport in the fresh air and great surrounds that this area has to offer.

“We find for the most part that drivers around here are fantastic in sharing the road and giving us the one metre buffer that the law requires. But as always, there are still a small number of people who drive a lot closer to cyclists than the law permits and those incidents are really scary.

“Call us lycra-wearing so and so's and beep at us if you really think you need to, but please help us to get home safely,” he said.