Tesla chargers installed at Diamond Beach

Tesla vehicle chargers have been introduced at Diamond Beach
Tesla vehicle chargers have been introduced at Diamond Beach

Chris and Dianne Denton of Diamond Beach have teamed up with Tesla Motors Australia to organise the installation of two Tesla Destination Chargers for the convenience of holiday makers.

The chargers have been installed at Sea Horse Diamond Beach holiday homes, and at the soon to open Seafarers Diamond Beach holiday homes.

The idea behind the installation is for holidaying Tesla car owners to be able to just pull up at their holiday accommodation, plug into the Tesla wall destination charger, then relax and enjoy their stay.

The chargers aim to enable vacationers to be happy in the knowledge that they can easily recharge their vehicles overnight with no risk of being stranded or having their vehicle range compromised.

These Diamond Beach Tesla destination charging stations are the first to be installed between Port Stephens and Port Macquarie.

They directly open up the very popular beach holiday areas of Diamond Beach, Black Head and Halidays Point to the growing number of Tesla car owners.

By joining the network of regional locations that are now Tesla electric vehicle friendly, these local destination chargers will encourage more Tesla owners to visit the area, discovering and experiencing the areas natural beauty.