Letter: Councillors challenged

MidCoast Council planning department’s past local environment plan was a clear plan in restricting development growth along the beach areas of Diamond, Redhead and Black Head beaches with buffer zones of bushland between them.

So Tallwoods and surrounding areas would be the main developing area to reduce pressure on the beaches and that’s true to this day.

The council planning department has not failed us, but have councillors failed us?

Water and sewer infrastructure is constantly updated here and state-wide and not considered an issue, this infrastructure and other changes are paid mostly by the developers.

Asset protection zone with a mowed sports field is paid for by the developer and would be a great asset. I don’t think our planners and environmental court would worry about that.

The rate burden on ratepayers as I mentioned before is a State government issue which council and environment courts have no control over. 

Millions of dollars are paid by developers and State government to address infrastructure needs, it’s a natural progression for a village to become a town.

Councillor Kathryn Bell’s interest in koalas and their provision for movement is heart warming.

In the last 28 years I have never seen a koala in Tallwoods or surrounding areas, only one male sitting in a gum tree near the beach. If there’s proof they are here we can make provision.

Developers handle visual issues, employing landscape designers to address those issues. 

Fire protection is an important issue in the environmental court. An inspection of land near Tallwoods village by the court judge cleared the matter up with Taree planning department some time ago so I believe early warning from the fire department to evacuate using landline and mobile system will give plenty of time for residents to go to designated places. 

This developer has a large community centre and adequate fire hydrants are in place.

The land clearing along swamp lines and updated fire brigade equipment has greatly eliminated the danger. 

As a ratepayer I have confidence that Katheryn Bell’s proposals will not be accepted by the environmental court.

These proposals are so weak that developers would be better off bypassing you opposing councillors and have it decided by State government planning department. Ratepayers would benefit.

John Stevenson.

Hallidays Point