Weeping lilly pilly will bring above ground problems, writes Jim Bourne

Regards to the fig's removal, it was something that had to be done the root system was destroying footpaths, gutters and of course damaging pipes etc.

But I can’t understand that the people involved in this project are going to replace them with weeping lilly pillies that can apparently grow to up to 15 metres high and eight metres wide and when mature that produce a white flower and a fruit that can grow to 15-20mm diameter.

There is your problem.

They have gone from alleviating the problem under ground with the root system to a problem above ground with a tree that produces fruit for (you guessed it) flying foxes to inhabit the area and produce a rotting mess around the trees and all over the townhouses and homes, plus the noise of the screeching flying bombers.

What would be wrong with putting just normal trees in to beautify the area, surely that would be more sensible.

Hopefully the people concerned will have a rethink and put something sensible there.

Jim Bourne