Bent on Food hosts Food Lovers Feast in Wingham

The award-winning café Bent on Food at Wingham will host Food Lovers Feast on Wednesday, November 22 focusing on how to avoid food waste while we still enjoying the very best of local produce.

During a three course share meal attendees will hear from the chef and fellow diners about how to minimise food waste, and receive some top tips and recipes in what promises to be a fun and fact-filled feast.

Bent on Food is partnering with MidCoast Council and MidWaste as part of the Love Food, Hate Waste program - which provides practical tips on how to cook at home without food waste, save money and make the most of what you buy.

Food waste is a big problem - NSW households throw away $10 billion worth of edible food each year and in doing so waste the energy, water and natural resources used to grow, package, transport and market that food. 

On average this amounts to $3800 per household every year - that's $73 a week from your grocery bill that ends up in the bin!

For Bent on Food's Donna Carrier, the quest for food that tastes better and avoids waste begins with sourcing local produce.

"I'm pleased that Bent on Food can host this valuable evening - it gives us an opportunity to showcase how using local produce when we cook not only enhances the flavour of our creations, but also can help us effectively cut down on waste."

Donna believes this event can also contribute to Wingham's dream to become a One Planet town.

"This is an initiative of the Wingham Chamber of Commerce, and one of the 10 principles of One Planet is to 'promote sustainable humane farming and healthy diets high in local, seasonal organic food and vegetable protein'.”

As the date approaches, Donna's team will be adding information about the Food Lovers Feast producers and menus to Bent on Food's website - you can follow here

The Food Lovers Feast is at Bent on Food, 95 Isabella Street, Wingham on Wednesday November 22, from 6pm – 9pm. The cost is $49 per person and bookings are essential at 6557 0727 or on the web link above.

Love Food, Hate Waste is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.