MidCoast Council rejects manufactured homes estate at Tallwoods

It was standing room only when MidCoast Council discussed an application for a manufactured homes estate at Tallwoods.
It was standing room only when MidCoast Council discussed an application for a manufactured homes estate at Tallwoods.

MidCoast Council has rejected a development application to construct a manufactured housing estate on Black Head Road at Tallwoods.

At a meeting held in Taree on Thursday evening, November 2, nine councillors voted to reject the application, with mayor Cr David West and Cr Len Roberts voting in favour of the development.

It was standing room only in Taree council chambers, with a large number of residents present to show support their side of the discussion.

The application proposed to develop a manufactured home estate comprising 202 sites on land at Tallwoods, in four stages

The application was advertised, and 50 submissions were received.

Speakers from both sides were given five minutes to make their submissions, with no interruption or argument, before being questioned by councillors. 

Those who spoke against the development included Bill Richardson, Les Burke, Graham Robertson, Joseph Anthony Paul Allen, Sandra Chan, and John Griffiths.

In support of the development was John Barber, Joe Waugh, John Rowleyand Gavin Maberly-Smith.

After the submissions, Cr Roberts moved for approval, with the additional recommendation of plans for a community bus to be provided by the developer. 

He said that the development was a positive plan.

Cr Kathryn Bell moved an amendment to refuse the application, which was seconded by Cr Peter Epov. The grounds for amendment included the need to consider a number of factors that had not been properly accounted for in the application.

“I don’t support giving consent,” Cr Bell said. “Clearly there are still problems that need to be resolved in the plans. If you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Don’t approve it, fill the gaps in the plan first, be strategic.” 

The reasons for refusal of the application are:

  • The proposal will have a negative effect on water and sewer infrastructure including the orderly development potential in the Hallidays Point area.
  • Establishing the proposed Asset Protection Zone on land to be dedicated to council for the benefit of a private interest is not satisfactory.
  • There is an inequitable increased financial burden on existing ratepayers resulting from the additional impact of the proposed development on local infrastructure and services.
  • There is insufficient local infrastructure.
  • There is inadequate provisions for koala movement.
  • Impacts on visual amenity
  • Impact of lack of adequate fire prevention measures and emergency evacuation of the elderly.