Letter: New MidCoast Council - a time for change

Re the MidCoast Council elections, congratulations to all of the successful candidates who now have an opportunity never seen before in this area to place this electorate back on the map and not just as a 'safe National Party seat' that continues to be ignored.

Peter Epov is correct in that we need to 'Campaign for greater funding from State and Federal Governments' as this is seen alone over many years as being the repercussion of being in a 'safe seat' electorate.

A reminder that Greater Taree City Council had the worst debt of any NSW council in being some $260,102,000 in arrears for road works alone and we still see little in any change where only the remote bridges are being attended to.

The elected senior public servants are now required to be where the centre of the council resides and that is in Taree and not in some other preferred location as has happened now and in the past.

If they continue to live where they are and are required to travel, that cost is theirs and not that of the ratepayers.

The election shows just where everybody “entrenched” lives - six in Greater Taree, two in Gloucester and two in Forster/Tuncurry with one at Tea Gardens.

“Untrenched” population means that of a holiday nature and not permanent.

Councillors need to object to the use of public service mates issues where the ex- are invited in for consultation duties that drain the coffers and why nothing ever gets done that relates directly to aiding the people of this council area.

There are ample retired professionals in the area who would be delighted to work on a voluntary basis to assist council on consultative matters and this needs to be implemented on day 1.

The Manning Point south wall is a good example of the means by which past public servants have allowed this issue alone to drag on in a planning state with no end result forthcoming.

This is the manner in which they work which is not of benefit to the population.

A time for change and you have all been elected to make that happen.

We don't wish to be disappointed as you are only the face of government where the real control is from behind and you need to make those servants accountable for their actions.

Best wishes to you all and may God go with you. This electorate is no longer 'safe'!

David G Dawson