Letter to the editor: MidCoast Council elections

On Saturday we will participate in the first election ever held in this area to elect a regional government. For that reason alone it is incredibly important. Our first collection of regional councillors will set precedents, patterns, habits and protocols, laying down foundations for future regional councils and elections. We need to establish a council that is committed to our various and myriad communities while establishing a regional government that can see to the needs of those individual communities and work for the betterment and health of the entire region.

No mean feat. A feat that will need councillors who are committed to working for our communities, and not from a need for personal gain or wish fulfillment. While, on a global scale, this regional council election is nothing to the American Presidential elections, it is from there that I think we can draw some guidance.

Steer clear of the populist candidates. 

Avoid those who focus on what they have done for us and what they will do for us. Look instead to what those candidates ARE doing right now in community.

Be wary of those who pick or create issues to ride upon the back of.

Stay well away from candidates who cry fake news or attempt to silence criticism. They obviously don’t have your right to free speech at heart.

And finally vote below the line. There are many fine candidates from which to create a strong, open minded, thoughtful, intelligent regional council of real integrity. In the scheme of things it will only take a moment of our time.

Let us not find ourselves in the position America now finds herself. The emperor and his new clothes are not as enticing and exciting as many first thought.

Rosie Herberte, Taree