Curtain Call | On stage theatre participation for children

A theatrical treat for the littlies

This Friday our theatre will be seeing some unusual action when audience members join the performers on stage and participate in the show. Instead of sitting in the auditorium seats, the audience will be seated on bleachers on stage, and in a departure from normal theatre etiquette the children attending will be warmly encouraged to get up and run around on the set!  It’s all part of the experience of “Saltbush” a wonderful show brought to us by Blaklines. 

Saltbush is a plant that can be found throughout Australia in almost all Aboriginal lands, and so it represents a common thread between all the different nations of Australian Indigenous peoples. This shared idea acted as a point of inspiration for the narrative, contemporary painting, dance and instrumental music that were created by the Aboriginal artists in this production. These artistic forms were used as a means to interpret and present the natural features of the Australian landscape from an Indigenous storytelling perspective. Through its sensor and infrared cameras, children interact, play and perform in the production and experience the artwork close up. This also offers a unique experience for parents and teachers, as they watch the children become absorbed in the show.

“Saltbush” is an exquisite interactive journey through the culture and landscape of Aboriginal Australia, celebrated through live dance, music, song and stories. “Saltbush” centres on the journey of two friends from different Aboriginal backgrounds as they cross Australia on foot. Their journey sees them travel across diverse Australian landscapes (countries) - river country, urban landscapes, the desert and the sea, all the while discovering the land and better understanding and acknowledging our own challenges and personal journey. Children are invited to explore, play and dance with the performers as the landscape unfolds around them, providing a unique immersive experience where the audience becomes part of this visually beautiful journey.

If you would like to experience the magic of “Saltbush”, join us at 10am, 11.45am or 1.30pm on Friday, and book at, by phoning 6592 5466, or drop in and see us at the MEC Box Office or at Stockland Forster.  Perfect for Preschool and Kindergarten aged children and their families.  

Curtain Call with Helen Knight from the Manning Entertainment Centre