Lamb twins signal spring is in the air

Twins of a woolly kind have arrived just in time for spring.

Owner Robyn Creelman said the Mitchell Park lambs were a bit of a novelty for her. 

“We had eight sets of twins and one set of triplets. The triplets were born this morning.”she said, with the first being born about two weeks ago.

Ms Creelman has a flock of 20 sheep, which include breeds such as black faced dorpers, suffolks and merino. While April is a more ideal time of year for the births, Ms Creelman said it was not unusual for the lambs to be born at this time of the year.

However, the sign of spring around the corner comes as the Bureau of Meterology marked some of the hottest Australian winter temperatures on record. Over the past 100 years, Australia has never experienced a hotter average July temperature than in 2017. 

Winter lambs with a spring in their step.

Across Victoria, the month was drier than usual with a cold start and warm finish, according to BOM. Ballarat recorded a mean average July temperature of 10.8 degrees, nearly a degree higher than the usual 10.1.