Coopernook bodybuilder wins North Coast Classic

Vanessa Gibson from Iguana with this week's sportstar of the week, bodybuilder Bryce Orr.
Vanessa Gibson from Iguana with this week's sportstar of the week, bodybuilder Bryce Orr.

BODYBUILDING is more than just a sport to 22-year-old Bryce Orr from Coopernook

It’s been a life changing activity.

“For most sports you train a couple of nights through the week and then play on the weekends,’’ he maintains.

“With bodybuilding, it’s 24 hours a day. It’s about how you live, what you eat, what you drink – everything.’’

Bryce has just started out on his bodybuilding journey. But he’s already met with success. He was the overall champion at the North Coast Classic held in Newcastle. His first competition was in Sydney last year, where he was second in the first timers, third in novice and second in the open.

Bryce is the Manning River Times-Iguana Sportstar of the Week, earning a $50 open order at Iguana.

Bryce started preparing for the North Coast Classic last January, with dieting figuring strongly in his regimen. He was also in the gym six or seven days a week.

Having a professional coach – Ken Rugg – in his corner was a massive boost, Bryce said, while his brother, Mitchell, a past winner of the NC Classic also provided assistance. Mitchell was on hand to see him perform at Newcastle and as a part winner, was invited to present his brother with the trophy.

He admits bodybuilding isn’t an easy sport. The work required in the gym can be taxing along with maintaining the strict diet.

Performing routines on stage dressed in not much more than a skimpy pair of speedos obviously isn’t for everyone. However, he said this becomes a bit easier with experience although he still finds it a bit daunting.

Bryce said he was confident of his chances in his categories at the classic but was a bit surprised to win the overall championship.

However, he isn’t sure when his next competition will be.

“I’ll be leaving home soon and looking to spend a bit of time overseas,’’ Bryce explained.

“So it will depend on what happens there.’’

At this stage he thinks he’ll target the State championships next year, hoping to qualify for the national titles.

Bryce followed his brother Mitchell into the sport.

“Up to then I hadn’t even been to a gym,’’ he laughed.

Mitchell had around six years bodybuilding experience to that point.

“So I had to cram all his knowledge of the sport into half that time,’’ he said.

Bryce had played his share of sport including soccer, hockey and rugby league. But once he caught the bodybuilding bug, he was hooked, especially when he saw the positive change it was making to his body.

The challenge bodybuilding presents is another reason to enjoy the sport he said.

“Bodybuilding challenges everything you do,’’ he said, returning to his earlier observations.