I was not involved in Falconer badness, says Bottin

<em>Badness</em> actor ... Geordie Robinson.
Badness actor ... Geordie Robinson.

CRAIG BOTTIN jokes about his current occupation as a ''contractor'' - roads, that is. And in his new line of work ''tool-box talk'' is a discussion about occupational health and safety issues.

But it was Bottin's previous ''contracting'' efforts which saw him jailed for the kidnapping of the police informer Terry Falconer, who was placed in a tool box and later chopped into pieces.

Falconer's unfortunate fate is the subject of the current Underbelly: Badness television series. The 52-year-old drug cook was on work release from jail in November 2001 when Bottin and two other men, posing as police officers, came to the Ingleburn smash repair shop and pretended to arrest Falconer.

Falconer was subsequently placed in a tool box and driven three hours to a farm at Girvan. His dismembered body was later found in garbage bags in the Hastings River in northern NSW.

''He looks like a gay porn star,'' snorted Bottin, complaining of his portrayal in Underbelly by the actor Geordie Robinson.

Bottin, 46, is a stocky former pastry chef who happily admits to being regarded by police as a dangerous criminal.

In 2003 he was sentenced to seven years' jail over an armed robbery. In April 2010 he had been out of jail only 15 months when he was arrested and charged over the 2001 kidnapping of Falconer.

Although he pleaded guilty to the kidnapping - and to an armed robbery and the shooting of a bikie - he claims he didn't do it.

''There was no fingerprints, no DNA. I was charged because of three criminal dogs telling bullshit to get discounts for themselves,'' he said.

When asked why he pleaded guilty, Bottin, whose friends call him ''Schiz'', claims it was a matter of self-preservation. ''If I didn't take that plea bargain, I was facing 25 years' jail.''

The worst ''dog'', claims Bottin, is a supergrass (whose name is suppressed) who became the crucial witness against numerous people including Bottin and the Perish brothers, Andrew and Anthony. The Perishes wanted to talk to Falconer over his supposed 1993 murder of their grandparents and organised for the supergrass to detain him for questioning, Bottin said.

Bottin said that several weeks after the murder, the supergrass told him he did it himself. ''He got the shits and lost it and decapitated him. He didn't die in the box as he has claimed. He killed him himself, with no help from Anthony Perish or Matty Lawton,'' Bottin said.

Bottin is angry that the supergrass was not charged with murder and is serving only 15 years for the Falconer matter and two other shootings.

Bottin served only two years' jail for his role in the Falconer case. But it is eight other unsolved murders that trouble him.

''I had nothing to do with them but I am worried that the next time police come at me I will be killed, because police bury their mistakes. In case something happens to me, I want the truth to be told because it hasn't been told yet,'' said Bottin, who declined to elaborate on the string of unsolved murders.

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