My Shout with Mick McDonald 'The Parable of the Seagull'

THE inspired talk Member for Myall Lakes Steve Bromhead gave at recent young leadership forum (Seagulls metaphor challenge, MRT Friday July 25-26) reminded this correspondent of a long forgotten parable we possibly learnt during our school days, or possibly didn't.

We thought we should share it with our regular reader.

The Parable of The Seagull

For it is written that for many years the land that is Port Macquarie and Myall Lakes enjoyed prosperity and was favoured by The Lord, or at least The Nationals. However, there was a disbeliever. An independent thinker. And he was frowned upon by the High Priests in the Temple of The Nationals.

"He doesn't toe the party line,'' the Highest of Priests warned his colleagues.

"He's nothing but a Seagull. We should be wary of him.''

"We have nothing to fear,'' soothed another High Priest.

"Our people are loyal and God fearing. They are fully aware of the first commandment - that though shalt always vote National.

"They have no time for those who don't do what they're told. If we have to we will banish him from our party forever. He can be replaced, for we have a massive talent pool.''

However soon enough the Highest of Priest's concerns were realised. The Seagull left the Church of the Nationals and stood as an independent. And he proved popular with the masses and they rewarded him with votes. Plenty of votes.

"They're worshipping a False God,'' the Highest Priest bemoaned.

"What is to become of us? Flood and pestilence will surely follow, for the natural order of things should not be tampered with.''

His prophecies proved to be correct. For the land was flooded - with first State and then federal government funding. And the people rejoiced. The Nationals were none-too-pleased as every three or so years The Seagull easily smote their finest.

And it came to pass that The Seagull and two others eventually held the balance of power in the land. The Nationals prayed for guidance and a way out of the darkness. This finally came in the form of Murdoch newspaper columnists and Sydney shock jocks, who despised The Seagull and his fellow thinkers.

"Thank God for Rupert,'' a High Priest beamed.

"They're one and the same,'' another replied.

Then from the north came a saviour. One who would restore The Nationals to their rightful place as leaders of the country of Port Macquarie. Fortunately the land of Myall Lakes had long been conservative heartland and the people enjoyed the fruits of their loyalty to this progressive party.

"I will build them a Gateway in the North as a reward,'' a Nationals representative was heard to say.

The Seagull was cast into history, his name never to be mentioned again in the Temple of The Nationals, although often they would claim funding he had previously gained for the area as work of their own.

In the days since the land of Port Macquarie has prospered like never before. Well, Port Macquarie has at least; those lands to the south haven't fared quite as well, for the Lord works in mysterious ways.

"Where's the bloody money to fix our roads and build our Gateway?'' leaders from the south complained to the saviour.

"The heretics promised you that, not us,'' he replied

"It will not be forthcoming for all the funding is going to marginal electorates. What do you think I am, a miracle worker?''

Normalcy has returned. Nothing will ever change again.


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