Manning Ratz coach critical of rugby general bye

MANNING Ratz coach Danial Stone is critical of the decision by the Mid North Coast Zone to have a general bye in the competition last week for a rugby gala luncheon followed by a golf day.

Stone's side goes into tomorrow's clash against Forster-Tuncurry after playing just one game in a month. They received a forfeit from Gloucester while there was a general bye over the long weekend and then the break last weekend.

"I don't understand it,'' Stone said.

He understands the golf day would be part of a sponsorship agreement with Tallwoods. Both the golf and the luncheon were held there.

However, he wonders why club round couldn't have been scheduled for Sunday.

"Why have another week off? Now we play three successive games and then there's another bye I don't understand it,'' he said.

"Or why couldn't the golf be played over the long weekend? We should be playing footballl at this time of year, not continually be having weekends off.''