Budget: Subsidies will benefit TAFE students

North Coast TAFE Institute director, Elizabeth McGregor.

North Coast TAFE Institute director, Elizabeth McGregor.

NORTH Coast TAFE Institute students are set to benefit from changes to access to Commonwealth subsidies in the 2014 budget.

Currently many students who choose to study at TAFE, which offers higher education courses, a private university or a private college, are excluded from Commonwealth subsidies.

While the students can defer payment of their tuition fees through HELP, they are subject to loan fees and limits which do not apply to Commonwealth supported students.

The Govern ment is introducing a more equitable system of support for these students and it will give all Australian undergraduate students access to Commonwealth subsidies.

North Coast TAFE Institute director, Elizabeth McGregor, this week said "we are still working through the detail and implications of the budget announcements, but in principle, we're very pleased that the federal government continues to recognise the importance of skills and access to training for learners and employers in the region.

"It's great that our students will have better access to loans for their diploma courses, that apprentices will now have access to loans and that mature-aged workers will be better supported as well.

"Access to North Coast TAFE services for our communities continues to be one of our highest priorities, so any wider policy measure that supports this is good news for us all."