The burn out king!

Mick Brasher with his Summernats trophy.
Mick Brasher with his Summernats trophy.

TINONEE'S Burn Out King, Mick Brasher, is off to Malaysia in August with his wife after winning the Burn Out Masters at Summernats in Canberra.

"I've been trying long enough so it's finally good to win one,'' the 42-year-old said of his victory in Canberra.

He won an open event at Summernats about four years ago.

"But this is much bigger,'' Brasher explained.

It's contested by the top 27 burnout competitors in Australia - with points gained from events held around the country.

After a shootout this is reduced to the top 10 and finally, the top three.

"I didn't expect to win,'' he said.

"I would have been happy just to make the top 10. So to win is unbelievable.''

Summernats organisers will be taking eight cars - including three burn out cars to Kuala Lumpur for a show in August.

"They want to show what we do in Australia,'' Brasher explained.

His car is a 1973 Toyota Corolla that he maintains. The car will also be going to Malaysia, at no cost to Brasher.

Brasher first became interested in competition about 20 years ago.

"I was just watching my idols and I wanted to become involved. It all started from there,'' he explained.

He now competes at shows around the country.

"We went to Darwin twice last year,'' he said.

"I probably compete every two or three weekends.''

He has no idea how many tyres he goes through a year.

"Maybe 200,'' he said.

"But it could even be more than that.''

While there's some money in the sport, Brasher, who is a steel fixer by trade, says it isn't enough to fully cover costs.

He was among the star attractions at the Troy Bayliss Classic at the Old Bar Roadside last January, putting on a show between races.

"They contacted me again for this year, but I'm going to Tasmania for a show down there so I can't get there, unfortunately,'' he said.

Brasher has a simple reason for competing.

"I love it,'' he said.

"The travel and the road trips, the people you meet, the smoke, just everything,'' he said, adding that he can't see himself retiring anytime soon.

And Brasher adds it's a sport where competitors have to continue to be innovative.

"There's new people coming into it all the time,'' he said.

"A lot of them have been working in the mines and have big dollars to spend. So they keep me on my toes.''

His trip to Malaysia will be the first time he's competed overseas.

"I'm looking forward to putting on a show for them,'' Brasher said.


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