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6 Subtle tips and tricks to transform the feel of your living room

6 Subtle tips and tricks to transform the feel of your living room

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Are you looking to update your living space, but not sure where to start? Do you just start from scratch? Or, do you add to what you already own? Well, lucky for you, we've got the answers. These six simple tips and tricks will help you transform your living space so that it gives off an entirely new look and feel. Curious? Read on to find out more.

Change of lighting

One of the most underestimated ways to change the feeling of a room is with the help of lighting. A room devoid of natural light can often feel boxier and smaller, it can also drain out all the colour you've carefully curated with your interior choices.

For example, heavy drape curtains can take up needless space out of your room, as well as having a very distinctive style, so they work best with one kind of interior design. Instead, opt for something like roller blinds; the chic and simplistic design won't take up unnecessary space in your home, and easily shuts out unwanted light in the evenings.

The difference is, that it can be wound up to let an abundance of natural light into the room, which opens up its surroundings and drapes the interiors in this golden glow.

If your space doesn't have access to natural light, it's time to mimic it with the artificial version. A great way to do this which also adds some style to your space is with a distinctive floor lamp.

This chic addition can hang over the space and bathe it in soft illumination, creating a comfortable environment for you to spend your time. Say goodbye to harsh and clinical white downlighting.

Choose a colour palette

If there is one trick to changing the feel and simultaneously creating a cohesive ambience in your living room, it's by having a recurring colour palette that runs throughout. A great trick is to switch up the palette seasonally. In winter opt for deep jewel tones, that evoke a rich but cosy feeling.

Deep navy throw blankets, with amber-coloured velvet cushions, complement each other because of their opposing tones. However, they create a rich sense that will keep you comfy throughout the wintertime.

If you're looking for something a little more cohesive, than opposing jewel tones, then a tonal look would be perfect for your space.

Tonal looks can be anything from shades of purple to variants of beige, so you can suit it to your tastes and personality. Opting for a neutral tonal look is a great option because it allows you to add extra things to the space without being bound by whether it matches or not.

Invest in a statement piece

Investing in a statement is a great way to pull an entire space together, as they all work off the vibrance surrounding this one item. Normally a specific item would be recommended as the statement, however, that is completely up to you. But, if we had to choose, our picks would be a statement couch or a statement art piece.

A bright or interesting couch draws people into the living room. It is the anchor of the space, but also provides a function, so guests will be naturally drawn to it. And, a print creates a point of difference in your living area, allowing you the freedom to keep everything else simple and classic.

Switch up the layout

If you're not ready or not able to spend any money but you're still looking for that brand new feeling, then we've got just the tip. Switching up where your furniture is placed might be the perfect way to reinvigorate our everyday living space. We are creatures of habit, often with some hostility to change, but a layout change can create the illusion of more light and more space.

Add some greenery

Is your living space feeling a little stale? A little old? Well, it is time to add some life so that your living room can feel bright and fresh. So, what do we mean by adding life? We mean inject some greenery into your home, with the help of plants. Plants come in all shapes and sizes, meaning there will always be one to suit your specific home or lifestyle. Plants break up all the unnatural and heavy materials and soften the landscape of the space.

Opt for the sparks joy rule

When attempting to change the feel of a space, there are two rules you need to follow, does it serve an actual purpose, and is it necessary. If it does neither of these things, then it is time to part ways. But, it can also go the other way, unless you're completely enamoured with the minimalist aesthetic, you're still able to add things into your home.

But, don't buy things for the sake of it, purchase things that have meaning for your home, this will not only contribute to the look but make it into a living room that you genuinely enjoy being in.


There you have it, the six tips that will elevate the ambience, and the actual style of your living room. Your space will feel all brand new, whether you choose to cherry-pick a few of these tips or opt for all of them. We can't wait to see it!