Can you help identify these photographs?

The Belford family picnicking at Comboyne?
The Belford family picnicking at Comboyne?

Maryanne Leeder is hoping someone can help her identify the people and locations in these photographs.

They belonged to her grandmother Edna Maher, nee Belford. Unfortunately the photographs don’t carry much detail.

Maryanne believes the picnic photo was taken at the Belford property at Comboyne, near a waterfall.

However, the young soldier is a mystery, as are the people photographed in the formal photo and the location of the house.

Maryanne’s family have connections with the Trotter and Saxby families which made hold some clues.

Rodney O’Regan from the Australian Light Horse Association provided the following information about the soldier/

“He is a member of the 20th Coy Army Services Corps, sub-unit of the Second Division (note the insignia on the eppaulettes). He is wearing a bandolier as he would often be mounted on horse or General Service Wagon. These soldiers only had ammunition pouches at the front and none at the back. His rank appears to be private.”

Rodney continues: “The photo appears to be taken early in the war, given the waist belt. It would be good to have his name and place of enlistment.”