Bar renovation complete at Taree Aquatic Club - Sailo's

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Stage three of major renovations at the Taree Aquatic Club is complete with ‘The Sailo’s’ now sporting a new bar.

It is modern and sleek and members and guests have given it a big thumbs up.

”They love it,” said secretary manager Richard Moore.

“It’s the finishing touch to what we’ve been working to achieve over the past 10 years.” 

In 2007 the club underwent the first stage of a huge face lift which saw the space open up to make the best of the stunning views from a riverside veranda.

This was achieved by relocating many of the utilities such as rest rooms and fire exits which were all blocking the view.

New glass ensured the club’s best asset was now visible from the bar area.

There was also a new gaming room around this time.

The club was further enhanced in 2010 when the kitchen was also moved to allow visitors to enjoy the view while eating their meal from the club’s restaurant.

“It made a huge difference to the club. It doesn’t matter where you sit, you now have a great view,” Richard said.

The new bar area is the icing on the cake.

It might have taken just five weeks to build but it’s been a year long process from initial discussions with members and staff to final design and implementation.

There are new counters, new flooring, new walls.

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The club has covered all bases to ensure the new bar enhances the look of the club and the experience for visitors.

Staff were given freedom to offer up their own ideas and the result is a well designed space which will soon include new TV screens.

Also to come will be new bar stools and high tables.

Fancy a cuppa?

Probably the most significant change offered by the renovations is the introduction of a coffee bar.

For the first time members and visitors will be able to get freshly brewed espressos as well as cakes and slices whenever the club is open, seven days a week.

Previously they were restricted by the opening hours of the restaurant.

“People love to have coffee and eat by the water,” commented Richard.

It’s a venue to showcase the beauty of Taree

Richard Moore, Taree Aquatic Club

There’s plenty of space for visitors to enjoy their coffee either inside with spectacular river and bridge views or outside on the veranda.

With spectacular river and bridge views!

There’s no doubt Taree Aquatic Club offers something very few venues can.

“The club is lucky to be where it is,” said Richard.

“It’s a venue to showcase the beauty of Taree.”

The club averages around 7500 members.

They’re a loyal bunch and Richard cites this loyalty as the reason the club has been able to grow and improve so much.

“They love to show off their club,” said Richard.

“When they have visitors they bring them here.”

Visit Taree Aquatic Club at 1 Macquarie Street, Taree.

Phone 6552 1435.