Heath Watts' song nominated for Australian Songwriting Award

Heath Watts often provides musical entertainment at the Lansdowne markets.
Heath Watts often provides musical entertainment at the Lansdowne markets.

A special ‘village song’ by Lansdowne musician, Heath Watts is has been shortlisted for an  Australian songwriting award.

The song, ‘Back To Lansdowne’, was written in celebration of the town’s spirit and debuted at the opening of the new community hall in 2013, and has powerful meaning for many in the Lansdowne community.

At the ceremonial dinner when the song was debuted, the community commemorated the tragic loss of its original hall, which, loaded with precious village memorabilia, had burnt to the ground.

The lifeblood of Lansdowne drained from the village, as the hall was one of their most important social outlets and its loss was deeply felt by the residents.

Lansdowne was suffering from typical country drain as the nearby town of Taree was growing and the young people were moving away, attracted to the finances and bright lights of modern living.

Lansdowne needed a boost, somehow, to ensure the town would never be forgotten and would not, as happened in other centres, fade into history absorbed by the city life.

Singer and songwriter, Heath Watts believed the history of this village needed to be preserved.

Using his craft as a singer/ and songwriter, he memorialised the presentation of the new Lansdowne Community Hall to residents with his composition, ‘Back To Lansdowne, the story of the village.’

With his trio of fellow musicians he performed this song for the first time to attendees on that night.

The opening event was attended by many Lansdowne residents and former residents.

During the evening a microphone was passed around to everyone who wished to tell a story or recall some of the history of Lansdowne.

Many funny tales were told, with the night proving memorable and Lansdowne became alive once again.

The community wishes Heath well in his endeavors to promote and preserve the history of the village of Lansdowne.