Remembrance Day 2018 – surely the memorial clock is a more appropriate venue

In 1958, Australian playwright Alan Seymour wrote a play "The One Day Of The Year". This play referred to Anzac Day.

Little did he realise this would equally apply to the Taree sub- branch of the RSL.

Anzac Day is the ‘one day of the year’ that the memorial clock in Fotheringham Park is used for that purpose, to commemorate The Fallen. That is apart from photo and media opportunities by RSL officials.

I have been advised that Remembrance Day this year, 100 years since the cessation of hostilities in World War I, will be held, as usual, at the Club Taree memorial.

Surely on this particular occasion the clock would be a more appropriate venue for such a historical event.

The memorial at Club Taree is an impressive location but is it appropriate for the citizens of Taree and surrounds for the observance of Remembrance Day, 2018 ?

Allan Dyball

Manning Point