Power to the Mid Coast people

We are being provided an opportunity to indicate to Midcoast Council that ratepayers and residents are willing and should be invited to contribute to issues that affect our community.

On this coming Friday, August 17 at two locations in the region, forums have been scheduled for citizens to have their say on one such current issue – the regional Tourism Destination name.  

The number of people who attend these forums will serve to indicate to MidCoast Council, also in regard to future issues, the community desires and deserves the right to be heard and their input addressed.

Please spare the time to attend, show the strength of people power.

The forums will be held at Club Taree from10am to midday and at Club Forster 2pm to 4pm.  

These forums are being chaired by Mid North Coast Tourism and organised by Member for Myall Lakes, Stephen Bromhead.

In the hope MidCoast Council wisely decides to abandon the 'push for Barrington', and agrees to then seek a name complementing all our naturally amazing, diverse region, that abounds with majestic beaches, lakes, mountains, rivers, valleys and more...… my suggestion Majestic MidCoast.  

Anne Reynolds

Tea Gardens