Curtain Call: Get ready to rock

Let there be rock: Journey through the career of one of Australia's legendary bands.
Let there be rock: Journey through the career of one of Australia's legendary bands.

Prepare to be thunderstruck!

History lessons are, by nature, elongated and tedious affairs full of facts and figures and not much else, but when you combine history and live music things become interesting and entertaining. Fast.

Such is it with The AC/DC Story, a three hour plus interactive performance that documents the life and times of one of Australia's finest ever musical exports.

The show takes you on a journey from the humble beginnings of the legendary band through the Bon Scott era and the fallout from his death, through to the many highlights with Brian Johnson at the helm.

The AC/DC Story succeeds where others have failed through the use of visual mediums such as film clips, interviews, and rare photographs, combined with a live performance from Accadacca in selected increments, performing songs from each album and adding an authenticity to the show that takes you back to the days when this cheeky group of Aussie underdogs defied all odds to reach the summit of rock and roll.

It is a show that will inform and entertain, with the famous bells from 'Hells Bells' and the cannons from 'For Those About to Rock' making a welcome return.

It is an all encompassing spectacular that tells the story of AC/DC with music and allows you to actually feel and enjoy the journey from a unique and rewarding perspective.

Accadacca have been belting out all of your favourite AC/DC tunes since 2000, with vocalist Larry Attard having supported an up and coming AC/DC in their early years as well as... well you will just have to catch the show to hear the rest.

Rat Pack Reloaded this Sunday

Don’t forget that the fabulous ‘Rat Pack Reloaded’ is happening this coming Sunday August 12 at 2pm.  It seems it really is the “hottest ticket in town” if sales are anything to go by, with seats being snapped up. 

Hopefully there are still tickets available by the time you read this column! 

It will be a wonderful afternoon packed with the music of the greats including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Michael Bublé and Harry Connick Junior, all delivered in style by three handsome front men backed by a live 7 piece jazz/swing band. 

Don’t delay – book now at, ph 6592 5466 or at Stockland Forster.  See you there!