Aerial bushfire risk assessments to begin

Helicopter patrols will inspect the electricity transmission network across the Mid North Coast in late July and August to identify any potential bushfire risks and assess the condition of TransGrid towers and powerlines.

“These annual safety inspections are an important part of our comprehensive maintenance program to ensure the transmission network is safe for the community and our staff,” TransGrid’s Zoe Allebone said.

TransGrid’s aerial patrols are conducted in early spring to identify and address any issues prior to summer.

A specialist team will inspect more than 12,900 kilometres of transmission line and infrastructure across TransGrid’s state-wide network.

The patrols identify vegetation encroachments along transmission line easements and check infrastructure for any maintenance issues.

“From late July, residents across the Mid North Coast may see low-flying helicopters moving along our transmission lines,” Ms Allebone said.

“We would like to thank the community for their understanding as we carry out our inspection program and remind the public to exercise caution around transmission lines and towers.”

Weather permitting, TransGrid will inspect high voltage transmission lines across Taree, Gloucester, Port Macquarie and Newcastle on July 31.