Spirit Day at Taree High School

Taree High School students yelled and cheered on Friday, July 6 as part of the annual Spirit Day.

Students participated in a variety of activities to garner points for their houses (Manning, Peel, Hooke or Murray). 

Staff led by example, with school principal Allison Alliston donning a crown and colourful wig. 

The day culminated with the traditional war cry.

Armed with garbage bins and megaphones, students choreographed cheers that replicated their school spirit.

After a hard fought battle, Peel came out on top. 

With the win, the house also won the Spirit Cup.

It has been quite the drought for Peel after last lifting the trophy in 2012. 

Murray and Manning have traded victories since 2014.

Spirit Day was organised by the student representative council. 

Taree High School returns on Tuesday, July 24 after the mid year break.