Village Voice choir brings joy to residents at Bushland Place

The Village Voices Choir at  Bushland Place is led by volunteer Lyanne Macfarlane and has been going since July 2017.

The choir was created to bring some joy and fun into the lives of those living at Bushland Place, Bernadette Burke, director of care, said.

Lyanne is Bushland’s volunteer choir director and has taken this group on a journey of discovery through song and reminiscence of the time those songs were sung.

There are 14 regular members in the choir and they meet each week and start their almost hour long rehearsal with a physical and vocal ‘warm up’. This ‘rehearsal’ usually ends up in laughter and lots of fun.

On Wednesday, June 6 Lyanne organised a recital for other residents and their families as well as the staff.

It was a great success with the choir able to showcase their progress and it left the audience with smiles all around.

It’s a real joy to witness how people have engaged with this program. Bernadette along with Lorraine Fawkner, leisure and lifestyle coordinator are the creators of this and other creative programs being delivered at the Bushland Health Group Residential Aged Care facilities.

Lyanne can attest to the joy you feel when you see and hear the responses from people and she gets as much pleasure for helping to create this with them.

Bushland Health Group is seeking more volunteers with specific skills in the creative arts, including poetry and reading, drama and dance, and local artists to assist them to deliver these programs.

For further information contact Bushland Health Group Director of Care Bernadette Burke 6539 5702.