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Chris Goodsell with the Harley Street Rod.
Chris Goodsell with the Harley Street Rod.

Harley Davidson has moved from a motorcycle oddity to one of the world's top and most respected brands.

Their marketing, brand growth and recognition in recent years has been nothing short of spectacular. A little like the Japanese brands rise of the 60s and 70s.

Harley Davidson has done this by building bikes people want to buy.

Thanks to Mark at Port City Harley Davidson I had the opportunity of riding one of their entry level bikes, the Street Rod.

The Street Rod is aimed at new riders who have just graduated up from a LAMS bike to something with a tad more power, or the commuter who is looking for a fun weekend ride.

The bike is powered by a High Output Revolution X V-Twin cylinder motor of 749cc.

As is normal Harley Davidson policy, power is not divulged however torque is 65Nm@ 4000rpm. Harley Davidson seems to have a love of low capacity fuel tanks. This bike only gets 13.2litres.

Fuel economy is stated at 4.5/100ks (60mpg) giving the Street Rod a range of just under 300ks. Power is put to the road via a six speed gearbox.

The bike gets ABS. The instruments are made up of a  3.5 inch electronic speedometer. The rest is digital via a screen at the bottom of the speedo containing a tacho, low oil pressure, turn signals, engine diagnostics, low fuel warning.

Seat height is low. This would suit shorter riders. I found the riding position a little cramped.

But this bike like all Harley Davidson products is all about image and riding.

The Street Rod fulfills this roll. It looks great and goes well. Power is adequate, handling predictable and safe.

I rode the bike for about 30 kilometres and found no nastiness at all. It was fun to ride.

If you want to join the Harley Davidson lifestyle at a very reasonable price the Street Rod might be just the bike for you. Ride away price $12995. My rating 7/10. 

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