Adam Fitzsimmons dominates title fight

Adam Fiotzsimmons with his belt after his win in the Australasian light heavyweight title bout.
Adam Fiotzsimmons with his belt after his win in the Australasian light heavyweight title bout.

Newly crowned World Boxing Foundation (WBF) light heavyweight champion Adam Fitzsimmons has confirmed he wants his first title defence at the Old Bar Tavern.

Fitzsimmons, 24, was the toast of the tavern last Saturday evening when he thumped Sydneysider Josh Jenkins to claim the crown. This was just his fifth fight as a professional. He admits the week since has been a bit surreal.

“I’ve always had faith in my ability,’’ Fitzsimmons, who is trained by his father, Darren, said.

“But I didn't think I’d win a title like this in just five fights.’’

It’s not as though Fitzsimmons has a lack of experience in the ring. He had 69 wins and 15 losses as an amateur. However, he was previously fighting as a light middleweight. He admits he struggled to make the weight at times.

“I sometimes had to cut back from 86 kilos to fight at 70,’’ he said.

However, those days are behind him as Fitzsimmons is sure he’s more suited to the light heavyweight division.

“I’m naturally a big boy,’’ he laughed.

He was always confident going into the title bout.

“I knew I’d win,’’ he said.

“I was fit and I’d been training really well. I knew I could beat him.’’

However, in perhaps a tactical ploy, Jenkins was nearly 10 minutes late getting to the ring. Fitzsimmons said he was right to fight when the bout was timed to start and the delay did have a detrimental impact.

“I’d cooled down by the time the fight started,’’ Fitzsimmons said.

Initial reports indicated Fitzsimmons came off second best in the opening two rounds, although he disagrees.

“They said I lost the first round although I’m not sure I did. But I’d warmed up by the second,’’ he said.

A couple of strong body shots in the second set up the win. Fitzsimmons continued the pummel the Sydneysider and by the fourth it was all over.’’

Fitzsimmons isn’t sure who his next opponent will be.

“But hopefully we’ll get something organised so I can fight in the next three to four months,’’ he said.