Hobart’s RSPCA Animal Care Centre is closing

Hobart’s RSPCA Animal Care Centre will close before Easter. 

The Mornington property has been advertised through Knight Frank real estate as the animal welfare organisation looks to divest a number of its “non-core practices”. 

Tasmania interim chief executive Dr Andrew Byrne said the closure was part of a “roadmap” aimed at ensuring the organisation’s future financial viability, but maintained it was business as usual in the North. 

RSPCA Tasmania interim chief executive Dr Andrew Byrne says Hobart's Animal Care Centre will close before Easter.

RSPCA Tasmania interim chief executive Dr Andrew Byrne says Hobart's Animal Care Centre will close before Easter.

“The reality is the RSPCA is going in a new direction,” he said.  

“Without these changes, we would be forced to close everything by May.

“The funds just aren’t there.

“There have been no animals surrendered at Hobart since July and it really hasn’t affected anyone.

“It is still business as usual at Launceston.I d on’t see that changing anytime soon.”

Dr Byrne said the RSPCA was currently stretched too thin, trying to fill “animal care voids” within the community.

“We want to get back to our core purposes,” he said.

“The RSPCA was founded on the values of protection and care, education and advocacy.

“A lot of the practices that have grown over time have overshadowed this.

“Our inspectorate side is really suffering because of that. 

“RSPCA Tasmania can’t continue the practice of being all things to the people.

“Actually there are a lot of established animal welfare organisations out there who can help.”

The RSPCA has made agreements with welfare groups Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania and 10 Lives, who are assisting with re-homing the animals currently at the Hobart centre. 

Dr Byrne said inspectorate services would continue to operate in the South, after the centre was closed. 

“The animal care centre won’t be there, but our inspectorate services will not change,” he said. 

“We are certainly not backing away from those responsibilities. 

“If anything we want to build more relationships with like-minded groups who are committed to looking after animals that are the most in need in Tasmania.”

The RSPCA currently has animal care centres at Mowbray, Spreyton and Hobart.

A cat shelter in Burnie was closed in in 2012, with services consolidated to the Spreyton location.