Mental health memoir book tour to visit Mid Coast Libraries in May

“The shame and stigma around mental illness in society has such an impact on the way people perceive depression and similar conditions, and that needs to change,” author Kim Hodges explains, illuminating the key themes of her memoir, Girl over the Edge.

“There just isn’t much information out there about what it’s like dealing with these issues from the inside; what it’s like to live a happy, comfortable life and then suddenly develop this debilitating mental illness that changes everything.”

Girl Over the Edge is Kim’s raw memoir, detailing her lived experience of mental illness over five years. Her experiences will take the reader into severe episodes of depression, on the road to recovery and everything else in between.

Her book tour will reach Taree Library at 1pm on Thursday, May 12 and Tea Gardens Libary on Friday, May 4 at 2pm. Kim invites the community to come along and hear about her story and start a discussion about mental illness.

“This memoir captures the denial, stigma and shame I have in my own mind about mental illness, the debilitating physical and mental agony of the illness, engagements with health professionals, and facing my own mortality,” Kim explained.

“I wrote a lot of the content as short stories about the people and places I was experiencing through my own journey with depression, and realised there were key themes I could weave through the stories, making one book, a memoir.

“I want to encourage people to read my story, which will be available in local book stores and libraries from May 1. Mental illness is such a prevalent issue, and the book fills a spot where there jut isn’t a lot of information from the inside of the topic available.”