Manning Great Lakes Police warn community after a series of vehicle break-ins

Manning Great Lakes Police are warning car owners to ensure that their motor vehicles are locked and to not leave valuable items in their vehicles, especially those parked in driveways, open carports and on the roadway during the hours of darkness.

The warning follows a series of vehicle break-ins recently in the Taree, Forster and Harrington/Crowdy Head areas.

Crime prevention officer with Manning Great Lakes Local Area Command, Senior Constable Ray Slade said people should remove all valuables from their car, and be aware of any suspicious activity.

“Thieves usually steal items like mobile electronic devices, such as phones and laptops, cash, jewelry and car keys. People should take steps to store these items securely, or at least store them out of sight,” he said.

“It may sound obvious, but always remember to lock your home and car, and ensure all the windows and doors are secure, even when you are at home.”

It should be noted that it is an offence to not lock the doors and secure the windows of an unattended motor vehicle. The penalty for this offence is $110.

Police are also warning residents to ensure that their homes are secured while they are away from home and when they are at home. Thieves have targeted wallets, handbags, cash, jewelry and have used victim’s car keys to steal motor vehicles.