Taree boxer win Australasian title

NEWLY crowned World Boxing Foundation’s Australasian light heavyweight champion Adam Fitzsimmons has promised to have his first title defence at Old Bar Tavern after his stunning win over Josh Jenkins.

Fitzsimmons, from Taree, was behind on points after the first two rounds but stunned Jenkins with a shot to the ribs in the third. 

“They would have heard it in Pampoolah,’’ Old Bar Tavern’s Mark O’Neill said.

That proved to be the turning point in the bout, with Fitzsimmons slamming Jenkins in the third round before winning by a knockout in the fourth. Fitzsimmons only had four professional fights going into the contest, although he had more than 100 as an amatuer.

The promotion was dubbed ‘The Battle of Old Bar’ and Mr O’Neill said a crowd of more than 500 turned out.

In all 12 fights amateur and professional bouts were held, with the Battle of the Bullriders between Taree’s Brendan Nash and an opponent from Gura one of the highlights. Both are bullriders with the Guyra fighter getting the points, although Mr O’Neill said it was a great contest.

Mr O’Neill said he hopes to stage another promotion around October.

“For sure, it was a great day and the people were screaming out for more,’’ he said.

“I’ll be having a talk with the promoter, Beau Callaghan, but I’m sure we’ll be able to organise something.’’