Taree Probus start year with informative guest speakers

Tony and Connie Gates at the Sass at Bowers morning tea with Taree Probus. Photo: submitted
Tony and Connie Gates at the Sass at Bowers morning tea with Taree Probus. Photo: submitted

Taree Probus Club have started the new year well, with a large group of members and their wives or partners supporting a morning tea at Bowers Cafe, with much discussion of the recent holiday season, and the year ahead. 

Recent general meetings have had well received guest speakers, including MidCoast Council Mayor David West, who gave an interesting address on his past work with NSW Police and his role as an officer able to assist the public. His current role as mayor gives him great satisfaction.

Mayor West spoke at length regarding council’s purchase of the old Masters site which, when fitted out, will have 460 staff in one office space, amounting to huge savings. He also covered our broken road network and how council has secured a $50 million grant that, with savings, they estimate they will have $130 million towards the road repair works. The costs of running such a large organisation as the amalgamated MidCoast Council were outlined. 

Other projects talked about were the new bridge at the approach to Wingham and the need to relocate the pool, the truck interchange at Cundletown, and how they had secured a $30 million grant to for water storage at Gloucester. 

Our members got a clear understanding of his passion for the task he has.

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Bruce White was also a guest speaker who spoke of his vocation and the advances made in hip and  knee replacement or repair, which he illustrated with a Powerpoint presentation describing different procedures, and the importance of mobility post operation. Many of our members were able to relate

New members are most welcome to join us for fun and fellowship, with our next outing to be a bus trip to Laurieton Plaza Theatre, with morning tea at Dunbogan, a film, then lunch at the Services Club.The bus will leave Club West, at 8.30am. Tuesday February 27.