Sand spit the top spot for whiting

THE Manning is producing good catches of bream and whiting in the lower parts of the estuary.

The bream are taking yabbies and mullet strips while the whiting are biting best on live yabbies.

The sand spit in the mouth of the river is the top spot for whiting.

Flathead have been scarce in the lower part of the river and anglers fishing further up-stream around the mouth of the Lansdowne River, near the buoy at Croki or in the entrance of Scott’s Creek will do better.

There are still some mulloway patrolling the river. They are best fished on slack water on live bait.

Tailor are plentiful on the beaches. The northern end of Crowdy beach from Second Creek up to Kylie’s Beach is the area to fish.

The tailor are only choppers up to 38cm long, but still make a good feed.

Outside snapper, trag and pearl perch have come from the northern grounds, while flathead are still being landed on the drift.