Reader questions MidCoast Council's actions

Are you aware that the mayor has employed a resolution facilitator to speak to all councillors at the next workshop meeting?

The organisation the facilitator comes from concentrates on “Personal issues, relationship problems, workplace conflict or organisational change” Are we employing a marriage councillor to decide our new general manager?

With the lead up to the biggest decision this new council has to make in employing a new general manager, is this an admission by the mayor that our new council is dysfunctional and cannot make its own decisions without assistance.

What future does our community have if our elected leaders can’t work together at this early stage in their life for such an important issue?

Kevin Wilkinson


Response from MidCoast Council mayor David West

The primary purpose of the session on Wednesday, January 24 is to have a facilitated discussion around how councillors want to work together and build a foundation based on trust and cohesion within council to ensure good outcomes for the community. This is a standard and constructive practice for councils following an election and particularly in councils that were recently merged. 

The process of recruiting a new general manager is an important decision for council and will be referenced during the workshop as an example of a decision where council needs to work together to achieve a good outcome.

As resolved by council on January 24, 2018 an executive recruitment specialist will be engaged to guide council's recruitment process for a general manager, to ensure compliance with the Office of Local Government Guidelines. Quotations for these services are currently being sought.