Taree and District Model Railway Club news

Ted Wheeler and Stephen Weber at the Taree and District Model Railway rooms in Manning Street.
Ted Wheeler and Stephen Weber at the Taree and District Model Railway rooms in Manning Street.

Saturday, February 3 saw members of the Taree and District Model Railway Club enjoying their first running day of the year. There were about 10 members who attended with their locos and rolling stock ready and eager to set some wheels in motion.

As I have mentioned before there is a very wide range of locos and rolling stock represented by the individual taste of the club members. By and large the majority of members are modeling Australian outline from various state railways and eras. As you might imagine this covers a very wide selection and time span. Dave Porter’s displays on the Wingham layout are always very impressive. 

However there are a small number who have stuck to the British image, and again a broad representation is on display. This is very obvious in the N Scale devotees; one member has been heard to mutter something about "quality and taste”.

Mick O’Donnell always impresses with his very eye-catching American models, and of course the US trains were always at least twice as long as anybody else’s. I must admit they still continued to impress with their eye-catching liveries and colours. Unfortunately we haven’t seen too much of Mick of late because of health problems.

Club members are working hard to create the real running conditions. This is an effort to get away from the image of toy trains just running around a small oval track. Under the watchful eyes of Glen Buckman a proper system of control signals has been set up to mirror the ‘real thing’.

The quest for reality is going a step further. Under the guidance of Gordon Robbie and Geoff Reay a way bill system is being implemented. Put simply this means that a card system is set up for every loco and piece of rolling stock. As in real life it is used to detail which wagons or coaches will go with which loco, and to where they will travel. Of course this will also detail any wagon pickups or drop off enroute. Eventually this will be extended to involve a proper timetable.

The club members are looking forward to some very exciting developments ahead. If you feel you would like to be a part of this excitement feel free to come along any Wednesday or Saturday from 9am to 3pm at 103 Manning street, Taree and see for yourself.

For more information contact Ted Wheeler on 6553 4939.