Stolen pug puppy reunited with owner

A pug puppy that was stolen from a parked car in Taree on the evening of January 15 has been returned to his ecstatic young owner, Harper.

Harper’s father, Luke Mudie said his little girl is over the moon to have her best friend back.

“Aside from going to school she hasn’t let the puppy out of her sight,” he said.

Havana the pug puppy was located following an anonymous tip off from a member of the public, and a woman in the Taree area has been charged.

According to Luke, police have refuted a claim from the woman that she took the dog out of concern for its safety after it was left in the car for an extended period of time.

“The puppy was safe, it wasn’t hot, it was about 6.15pm, and I just ran in to pick up a pre-ordered pizza,” Luke said.

“I wouldn’t have left the car for more than a couple of minutes.

“We are so happy to have the puppy back, and very grateful to the public for helping us locate her.”