Local children will be the first ever to sing Amazing Grace with Kamahl

Five children from the Manning region have been selected for an exciting once in a lifetime opportunity. Kalin and Corben Woods, Katelyn Davidson, Kiara Conway and Zoe Hutchison will join 15 other kids on stage with Kamahl at his concert at Glasshouse, Port Macquarie on February 10.

Mother of Kalin and Corben, Shanna Woods said the kids are pretty excited.

“They will get the chance to get up on stage and perform two songs with him,” she said.

“The songs they have been invited to join Kamahl for are ‘100 children’ and ‘Amazing Grace’. Kamahl has never had children accompany him in singing Amazing Grace, so this is a pretty big honour.”

The children were selected for the experience after performing in a juniors production of Shrek last year, put on by the same organisation that has arranged Kamahl’s visit, local production company, Got Ya Back Productions.

“It will be a great story for them all to tell their friends in a few years,” Shanna said.

“Once they have a bit more of an understanding of what a big opportunity it is. They can’t wait for the experience.”