Hopelessly lost in Lake Macquarie

Lost. Hopelessly, hopelessly lost.

This correspondent was in the badlands of Lake Macquarie, somewhere near Newcastle … or at least that’s where we think it were. We were looking for a place called ‘Sunshine’ – really, that’s its name.

However, we took a right where we should have taken a left. Or maybe a left where we should have taken a right. (Turn left at the rock that looks like a bear, and right at the bear that looks like a rock – to use a line from F-Troop. And for those who don’t know what F-Troop is, well, sorry, we don’t have the time).

Anyhoo, there we were. Driving aimlessly through places we’ve never heard off, searching for Sunshine.

“Buy yourself a GPS,’’ we were told before heading off on the journey.

“You’re lucky to work out how to get to the pub. You’ll never find Sunshine.’’

We were stung by this criticism and determined to prove our detractors wrong. We also had no intention of forking out our hard earned on a GPS. Why, not only would we find Sunshine, but we’d even beat everyone else there. So in the spirit of the early explorers, we set off on our voyage of discovery.

All was going to plan as we zoomed down the Pacific Highway.

“Ain’t no sunshine, when she’s gone,’’ we hummed as we were on track to make our destination in a touch over two hours, as planned.

However, when the clock neared three hours, it was obvious that there ain’t no Sunshine. At least on the roads we were negotiating. We were starting to contemplate a weekend without Sunshine when the phone rang. It was our new friend, The Happy Camper (THC) who, on this occasion, was decidedly less-than-happy.

She inquired as to our whereabouts. We told her we weren’t too sure.

“Just went through Toronto,’’ we added, helpfully.

There was a pause. A lull in the storm, if you will. Then using all the reserves of patience she is blessed with, THC explained that we were a considerable distance from the desired location.

“Why didn't you wait for me, like we arranged?’’ she asked, quite reasonably.

We explained that we were imbued with the spirit of the early explorers and that we were determined to find Sunshine without any assistance.

It was then we realised that The Not-So-Happy Camper (TNSHC) is mistaken about our profession. For we’re sure she then called us a ‘banker’ on several occasions.

THC went on a search and rescue mission and found us just as we were heading into Toronto Golf Club to ask directions (well, that’s what we told her).

We finally arrived at the aptly named Sunshine and can report it’s a pretty little spot, being on Lake Macquarie and all.

Just a shame it’s so hard to find.